Dr. Arva-Lamak


Neuro Musculoskeletal pain

Neuro musculoskeletal pain management procedures emphasises on muscle release techniques, chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue release, neural glides, muscle facilitatory & inhibitory techniques & electrotherapy stimulation. We aim at understanding the causative factors & the best available treatment procedures.

Post-surgical rehab

Post-surgical rehab is a specialized rehabilitation program designed to aid individuals in their recovery following surgery. It focuses on restoring mobility, strength, and function, while minimizing pain and complications. Through tailored exercises, therapeutic techniques, and guidance from healthcare professionals, post-surgical rehab aims to optimize healing and enhance the patient’s quality of life.

Pre-surgical conditioning

┬áPre-surgical conditioning involves a targeted exercise and rehabilitation program before a surgical procedure to optimize the patient’s physical health and readiness for surgery. By improving strength, flexibility, and overall fitness levels, pre-surgical conditioning aims to enhance surgical outcomes, reduce complications, and facilitate a smoother recovery process.

Geriatric Rehab

Geriatric rehab focuses on providing specialized rehabilitation services for older adults to improve their mobility, functional abilities, and overall quality of life. It addresses age-related conditions and challenges such as balance problems, muscle weakness, joint stiffness, and cognitive impairments, with the goal of promoting independence, preventing falls, and enhancing the well-being of older individuals.

Sports Rehab

Sports rehab is a targeted rehabilitation program designed to assist athletes in recovering from sports-related injuries or surgeries. It focuses on restoring strength, flexibility, and functional movements specific to the athlete’s sport, helping them regain peak performance and safely return to their athletic activities.

Women's health

Women’s health encompasses a wide range of medical services and interventions tailored specifically to address the unique needs and concerns of women. It encompasses reproductive health, gynecological care, maternal health, menopause management, breast health, and various preventive screenings to promote overall wellness and ensure the optimal health and well-being of women throughout their lifespan.

Pre/Post-natal trainer

A pre/post-natal trainer is a specialized fitness professional who provides guidance and support to expectant mothers before and after childbirth. They help pregnant women maintain a healthy lifestyle, improve strength and flexibility, and prepare for labor. Postnatally, they assist in regaining fitness, restoring core strength, and promoting overall well-being during the postpartum period.

Postural correction

Postural correction focuses on identifying and addressing imbalances, misalignments, and poor posture in the body. Through targeted exercises, stretching, and ergonomic adjustments, it aims to improve alignment, strengthen supporting muscles, and alleviate pain or discomfort associated with poor posture.

Matrix rhythm therapy

Matrix rhythm therapy is a specialized form of treatment that utilizes gentle, rhythmic vibrations to stimulate cellular activity and promote tissue regeneration. By targeting the extracellular matrix, it aims to restore proper cellular function, improve circulation, relieve pain, and enhance the body’s natural healing processes.

Cardiac Rehab

 Cardiac rehab is a comprehensive program designed to support individuals in recovering from cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, heart surgeries, or other cardiac conditions. It includes supervised exercise, education, lifestyle modifications, and emotional support to improve heart health, reduce the risk of future cardiac events, and enhance overall well-being.

Osteoporosis Exercise

Osteoporosis exercise refers to a specialized exercise program aimed at improving bone density, strength, and balance in individuals with osteoporosis. These exercises focus on weight-bearing, resistance, and balance training to reduce the risk of fractures, enhance bone health, and promote overall physical well-being in individuals with osteoporosis.

Back Exercise

Back exercises are targeted movements and stretches that aim to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the muscles and structures in the back. These exercises can help alleviate back pain, improve posture, enhance spinal stability, and promote overall back health and functionality. Regular back exercises are beneficial for individuals seeking to prevent or manage back-related issues.

Knee Exercise

Knee exercises are specific movements and activities that aim to strengthen and stabilize the muscles surrounding the knee joint. These exercises help improve flexibility, reduce pain, enhance range of motion, and promote overall knee joint health. They are beneficial for individuals recovering from knee injuries, managing knee conditions, or seeking to prevent knee problems.